The game I intended to put on here was the complete full version. They work on some school computers but not all. The reason is not me, but the districts.
          Minecraft gets all it's information from since it's the only place you can get it from. Even a minecraft proxy can't work without connecting to Unfortunately, your school blocks so the game can't get its data. This is the reason why when it's done loading it says 'Connection timed out'.
          Somehow, I have to get to pass through school website block thingys. Which is almost impossible, and I might not be able to post the game on here, but it works on a normal computer. This is the same thing with other 'download' games unless they have a demo online version without connecting to it's source website (same thing with Slender: The Arrival). Sorry though ^x^ KBYEZ.
If all of the games dont show up or are blank, there are two things that cause the reason. You dont have Java, or you dont have Flash. And if minecraft says 'connection timed out' then most likely youve denied the access. You want to let it more. If you create another world, just to let you know, that every last world created gets downloaded to my computer so dont make too much. KBye.
I figured out what happened, because I tested minecraft in my school and it worked. Some school systems work differently I might have to change some things and stuff. I'll update the homepage once it's finished.  ^x^